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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Been some time

I know it has been quiet a while since I posted here but things have been utterly chaotic. First of course is my constant battle with this god damn fibromyalgia. Sorry but that is how I feel about it right now, it just takes every last ounce of everything out of me and LEAVES nothing else. Then last week Jim had his large calcium deposit that was in his bladder blasted and what was supposed to be " a nothing procedure" turned into this week long nightmare--including a hospital stay, 2 trips to the emergency room and just sheer agony for Jim.

Of course the hospital thing is never easy and after 2 --13 hours days there in a row and 2 5 hour stays in the emergency room I am really doing good to know my own name. The doctor that did this procedure is in my opinion one of the very worst there is and his bed side manner/how he has treated Jim has just been simply awful. Jim would have gotten better care from a vet in all honesty.

There are new Oz and Judy items to post and many of them I have to take pictures of to be able to post here. it has been the only thing in all honesty that has kept me going. E-bay this last go around has been a royal pain in my ass. With stupid questions, bitchy customers and not nearly what the items are worth. At this point I am not sure if I am going to continue doing E-bay or not.

The other big news in my life is 3 days ago now we have gone Gluten Free in an attempt to get me feeling better. So far so good. I do apologize for not being better about the posting but I ma hoping that changes and soon and will be sharing some of my new Oz and Judy stuff again.

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