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Friday, October 7, 2011

Chris March Last Part: Advocate interview

I don’t think there was anything particularly snarky about the show at all.
Yeah, I mean we have fun with each other, but they’re not pointing a camera at us because we’re yelling and fighting and throwing drinks in each other’s faces. I wanted to have fun and show our creativity and that we just have a fun time in the workshop and that you can enjoy a show just to enjoy it rather than having to have a bunch of drama.

Tell me something about yourself that only gay folks would understand.

Well I probably have over a hundred pairs of high-heel shoes. I collect them. Over however many years, from like the mid ’80s on — yes, I’m that old — I’ve been in drag several times in my life and I collect a lot of stuff and I do have a lot of high-heel shoes that I’m sure a lot of people would be jealous about. [Laughs]

Do you still do drag now? Do you ever get behind the dress anymore?

Not as often as I used to, just because people want me to look the way I look, and for me to do drag I have to shave off my beard and it usually takes two to three weeks to grow it out the way I like it, so most places don’t like me to look different.

Now that you’re a star, you can’t do that.
There is one episode where I dress up, and they wanted me to shave, but I couldn’t shave. You’ll see.

You’re a hairy drag queen? Looking forward to it, then.

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