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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sistah 2 Sistah--my poetry

This powerful piece I wrote for an African American Women's Literature Class and in some ways was my respone to reading "For Colored GirlsWho Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf" by Ntozake Shange.  I hope I captured the spirit of her work, as that was my goal and while I am not Afircan American or a woman I felt this topic needed addressed in a powerful poetry piece.  With all of that said I hope you enjoy.

"Sistah 2 Sistah"

crazy ass bitch ya must
b outcha mothafuckin’ mind
where my god damn shoes at
ya juz his damn wife
wit ur mocha colored thighs
& coffee colored eyes
jus’ his dreadlock girl

cain’t do dis 2 often sistah
cuz he didn’t use a condom
may b a kiss 4 u his baby mama
i don’t need anotha mouf 2 feed
here in da projects
4 real it’s jus’ sex, yo’ nuttin’ mo’

she thinks or do she know
he jus’ wanna fuck ya
fo’ da 80 dollars he has on him
but dat nigga georgio don’t stop talkin’
how he seen ur man on christopher street
pickin’ up mens who never set dey foot in no ghetto befo’
he don’t need no damn atm
when dere michaels, trevors and stephens
dat luv a gangsta thug cravin’ der male pussy
a white melon backside
he done done it million times ‘fore girl i knows
fo’ real girl my word is bond

let him speak dat voice 2 me
swearin’ he ain’t no faggot

i sees em all up wid da gump on the prowl
dey dat bitch and he’s dey homothug
i done heard they go raw dog
but dat ain’t no bitch dats a man

so take your low down down-low
lying ass & leave my house & hood
i don’t  wanna c ur face u lying prick
cuz i’mma fuck ya up homeboy
tryin’ 2 act all black wigger
cuz dis here sistah don’t need
ya sorry ass or ya

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