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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well gang many of you may already know this but believe me when I say there are some very wonderfully nice and generous people out there.

As many of you know I belong to a list of different Judy Garland and Wizard of Oz Yahoo groups--and they are the greatest at keeping me informed and making new friends.

Two of my newest are both guys one named Billy and the other Dale (which is really easy to remember since its my last name --giggle). Anyhow I met these two wonderful gentleman by doing a post about if anyone was attending the Liza Minelli concert in NYC and could they get me a Playbill ----well both of these men were.

Billy was very sweet sending me a Liza Playbill along with a few other goodies which one of those was the CD to the concert. It was like being there--I still have to get a thank you note off--the e-mail was sent but it is my opinion a hand written note is so much better.

Than Dale was wonderful and sent two Playbill's as well, plus his used ticket. So the one I took the cover off of, took the inside picture of Liza out and framed them with the ticket. I am now trying to find on E-bay a signed 3x5 by Liza so it will all go together. Its already hanging in "the Shrine" next to my autograph of Lorna Luft.

On top of that if that wasn't nice enough Dale sent the program and ticket to the off Broadway production of "Judy and Me". Well I was stunned! It's this brand new play written and starring Peter Mac as Judy Garland with this "gay kid" who is like a huge fan and deals with som eof the issues many of us deal with being gay and then you add being a Judy fan too. I hear it is one of the best things going on "Off Broadway".

Again I still need to send off that hand written note but the Playbill collection is growing to say the least.

Than last week on E-bay they had very cheaply I might add a 2003 Playbill from "A Boy From Oz" with Hugh Jackman on the cover! Guess who has it in his collection of stuff now!

From what little I know of this play it it is about Peter Allen, if anybody else has any more information on this one please share.

Well I go to the doctors on Wednesday so I ask that you all keep me in your thoughts as I am not feeling much better and its been hard being this down again but will save you all the details. Until next time we run into each other in Oz.

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