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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Valentine's Day; "The Crooked Road"

“The Crooked Road”

Of deep unspoken longings dare I say
To but gaze upon you across the distance
Of masculine marble like manly flesh
Oh to taste his sweet savory dew like kisses
Of the pale violet sun light on Christopher Street in New York City

To hold is hand in mine
The private musical of us in my mind
The smell of ruggedness as sweet perfume
Of what could be the quiet joy of brotherhood
Let him just once kiss me on Halstead Street in New York City
With the touch of his lips

My own warrior rebel
That our desire should be shared could
Lead to our wholeness once out of Eden’s gate
Fairytales do come true on Castro Street in San Francisco
Guide my heart out of my desert of loneliness

Once I’ve tasted his sweet savory kisses
Some say rebellion began
Hearts filled with the camp of Christmas
Can what we share be but higher law
Would the fruit of this be sweet to taste

The pinnacle of spirit on Fire Island
To be but more than friends dare I say
To desire the crooked road
To our iniquities den in Hell’s Kitchen in the New York City ghetto

Passion flung out of eternal fires
My soft beautiful vaporous being
Bitter bitchy queens at the door mocking
That this feeling is mine and I am his
With no doubt or uncertainty at all

This is self written and my special Valentine to all of you my readers

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