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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lack of posts here lately

I want to take the time and apologize for the lack of posts, nearly all of it is because between my crowded school schedule and not feeling well for the last two to three weeks.  First it was the horrible migranes I have not been able to shake for three weeks now.  I go next Friday for an MRI/CAT Scan and am hoping for the best.  I think the test is a precautionary step considering the "non-cancerous, long term progressive AIDS' spots were spotted last April.  It does have me worried to say the least.  Will try to keep all of you posted.  Hopefully you will stay faitfhful and read, and hopefully you all enjoy what I am trying to do here.

This whole thing along with some other very personal things have me very seriously depressed, but somehow I try to but on a very brave front that I wonder if people are beginning to see through as I have had some moments were my judgement has well been judged.  It has been anything serious but I do take it very seriously as I don;t want to come off as an uncaring, brute who doesn;t have a brain in his head and well I know otherwise but I do wonder if I try to hard to be a "moral upstanding person".

The homework load this semester has been brutal and my life the last weeks have been basically that and I do at times try to conserve my energies but again I do wonder if it is getting the best of me.  At least I have this to put a voice to my frustrations and let things off my chest and for that I am thankful.

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