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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Caged Bird Sings; Original poetry

This was written for a class I am in right at the moment and I thought I would share it with all of you...enjoy

A Caged Bird Sings

A bird in a gilded cage
Longing for unspoken freedoms
Dreading darkness of night rages
Begins to fade
Singing the musical
Darkness becomes dawn
Yet do you know why
The caged bird sings
Are his notes tears
Filled with sorrow and despair
Yearning for a frail branch
Bending once again ‘neath him

Brittle ebony branches coming to life
Sweet magnolia perfume of spring
Ending the ruffling sobs
Once so loud, so clear; long ago
Breaking out of his ivory shell
O I can tell you why
The caged bird sings
Holding fast to his bosom the dream
Fluttering out the window carried by
Welcoming rays of sunshine
On the flight of tireless wings

No longer caged but free
Singing because once Cruel
Bruising ended old
Old scars are far, far away
On another distant hill
The narrow gold gilded cage
Sits empty by the window sill
For once he dared to be a
Caged bird with a dream that needed

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