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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poetry: Attraction

This poem is from my Honor's Thesis Project, which is a Creative Nonfiction Narrative about gays and the Holocaust.  Within the text of my thesis I am trying something new--for me anyway-- working in poetry into the main body of the text to help develop the main character who wants to be nothing more than a writer. 

This particular poem comes from a chapter in the "book" where the main character, Christoph  meets a young man that he finds attractive... hope you enjoy

                        Are you like me,
                        Therefore the hours gleam 
                        If I were to say to you
                        You are a dwelling where strawberries
                        Sweep through your name  
                        As if budding shrubs remind me  
                        Of some spring of water so cool, so clear
                        Twilight rain embraces your leaves
                        Which are stirred by a dainty wind  
                        It is where you transpire in verdant moonlight  
                        You are the lily, the aster, the white trillium
                        Even the viburnum, by all merits mine
                        The frosty star in the pasture sky,
                        The snowstorm still arriving
                        From its earthward voyage, here there is  
                        No snow but I dreamt the snow was you,
                        You come to be my night
                        You take on the dimensions of sleep,
                        The silhouette of sleep becomes you
                        In those dreams you fall from the sky
                        With numerous blossoms
                        Poetries spill from your mouth
                        In waves, your lips taste like the sea,
                        But the seas have flown away
                        Because of loving you, home is nowhere
                        Therefore you are my shelter
                        The song of any Eden we can mention

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