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Wednesday, March 13, 2013



We tread a very delicate line, amid foolishness and adoration. 
But my sweetheart, love is love, is it not? 
We are told that we are sinful, unclean, and shameful. 
But, what of those people who hurl us aside? 
They who turn their backs on us,
Treat us with emotionless murmurs. 
They have nothing to give to us but their impersonal scorching stares;
Like we are a blade directly into their hearts and their faith.
We are the citizens in the hammering rainwater
Who dare to prance, laugh and smile
Although the world seems completely against us
We are different, unique, and the beautiful
We are the strong who stand against the name-calling, against the pain
Love is love and yes there is hope
Because we dared to love in the first place

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