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Friday, March 8, 2013

Auschwitz (poetry)

     This poem was just written a few weeks back and will be included in my Honor's Thesis which is Creative Nonfiction and hopefully when finished in December will be published.  

My we never forget

Europe's outcasts viciously sleep
Begging God for their souls
What a horrendous thing - to wake the following day
Realizing freedom is now transported away
Into ghettos they walk in a communal custody
They lied
In the coldness, Auschwitz’s mouth is opening wide.

Is there a God in Heaven
If so show us your great authority!
Why must we plunge into abyss
Of a concentration camp
To be rendered our souls
By Auschwitz’s great might
They are interred - day and night.

Oh, Auschwitz, Auschwitz, Your devastation is so wide -
The unknowing drove in, ignorant of what's inside.
Run ...Run for your very lives!
You've been brought to The Executioner- and few survive.

It is easy to swallow these us whole -
Effectively you murder body and soul
Directly from the trains - rushed through your doors...
As Ghettos are cleared, you’re straining for more.

Auschwitz you seem hidden away
As your soil turns red with blood
Is there anyone to stop you
Something must be done
Or there will remain not one.

Auschwitz chimneys bursting with the wafting burn
Human remains gusting in the air are churned
Swirling dead who inhabit thoughts of remembrance
Abandoned in our vacant painful trance

Dug pits hidden beyond the eyes of God
Auschwitz endures only if no one sees
Covered over by Them,
So that no one would envision this place
To hide what was done –
What of us remains is barely a trace.

The demonic Nazis smile,
Trying to attract and hypnotize.
It is not so hard to mislead the trusting masses
Could God really be giving these us up to die?
Guiltless weeping eyes having to say “Good bye"

We think it's ended
 " is resolved, it is over”
We want to believe they screamed their last cries
Listen carefully, and you will hear the vibration,
Of Auschwitz’s faint heartbeat, beneath the soil

In our weakness we call
The criminals ‘Them” and “They”
Are our souls so distinctive and fearless
That we'd have arose and stood in the way?

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