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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Martha Stewart: A Cougar?

When Martha Stewart does it, she does it right. The original domestic diva stepped out to the opening of the Metropolitan Opera’s Anna Bolena, escorted by a very attractive younger gentleman and dripping in silk and sequins. At first, I was thrilled and hoped that Martha was finally getting her groove back.
Alas, the hunky young thing was merely Martha’s gay nephew, Chris Herbert. But hey, who better to bring as your opera date?

The Yale grad and singer tied the knot in 2010 to his partner Timothy Long at Martha’s behemoth Bedford, New York estate. Obviously it’s no surprise that Martha is a friend of the gays (I mean, come on), but it’s always nice to see one of the most famous people in the world showing support. That said, I need her to get a boyfriend immediately. Who is secure enough in their manhood to date a woman whose biggest passions in life are linens and hors d’oeuvres?

Martha Stewart’s date to opening night of Met Opera is a handsome hunk in his 20s — her nephew

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