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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bryan Fischer Blames Gays For Penn State Molestations Despite The Fact That Jerry Sandusky Is Married and Straight

Well it was just a matter of time I suppose.

Anti-gay hate groups like hateful Bryan Fischer of the AFA  are begining to use the child molestation tragedy at Penn State to further their hateful anti-gay agenda by using horrifically inaccurate statistics and turning an absolute blind eye to the fact that Jerry Sandusky, the man responsible for the molestations identifies as straight and is married.

Its absolutely disgusting that The American Family Association, Fischer and their ilk would take advantage of such a horrible event and the child victims to lie and further their hateful anti-gay agenda

This guy disgusts me, in all honesty as does what Penn  State allowed to happen repeatedly to children.  What further disguists me is that all of those people who knew and did nothing to either stop the abuse or would go to outside authorities can not be charged legally with anything.  This in my opinion is just the tip of a very huge iceberg and I believe there are more victims in the days to come who will come forward.

May we as a community rally around the victims, show what support we can, do everything we can to prevent this from happening again, educate our own children to help this from happening again and send a very clear and loud message that we don;t carfe who you are; this kind of thing will not be tolerated any more!

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