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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Police Discover 26 Female Corpses Dug Up, Dressed as Dolls in Man’s Home

With Russia busy literally fining people for being “openly gay,” real, pressing issues will go largely ignored. Like say, a “genius” robbing graves in the middle of the night. Not for valuable jewelry or belongings trapped inside coffins, like pearls, but for the 26 female bodies encased within instead.  This story only gets creepier from here.

How else was he to grow his life size doll collection?

The bodies were found this week in the home of 45-year-old Anatoly Moskvina, who lives alone in the city of Nizhny Novgorod in western Russia. The discovery was made when Moskvina’s parents visited him after returning from a vacation.

Russian media reported that Moskvina kept at least 26 bodies in his small, three-room apartment. They all belong to females aged between 15 and 26 who died years ago. The bodies were “dried up,” Interfax reported.

Life News reported that Moskvina, who is a historian and was also involved in journalism, visited hundreds of cemeteries at night and dug up the bodies with a shovel. He then put the remains in plastic bags and dragged them to his home.

Once safe in his home, Moskvina dressed the dead bodies – sometimes decayed to nothing more than a skeleton – in girlish outfits like frilly dresses with stockings, or even as a giant teddy bear.

Moskvina is described by neighbors as a genius. Moskvina fluently speaks 13 languages and used his master historian credentials to lecture at a local museum. So how does a genius evade capture while body hunting in over 750 cemeteries throughout Russia? He slept in the coffins, of course

Police are currently unsure what to charge Moskvina with, how about tampering with a corpse, or how about kidnapping or even better yet destruction of private property?

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