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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FL Mayor Reverses On Domestic Partners


Orange County, Florida Mayor Teresa Jacobs (R) has reneged on her agreement to support a domestic partners ordinance.
Gay couples say they are angry that Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is no longer supporting the creation of a domestic partnership registry similar to one passed in Orlando. Nearly 100 people met to discuss a recent announcement by Jacobs to ditch the domestic partnership registry that would give couples rights, such as hospital visitation and end of life decisions. Orlando passed a similar registry, but Jacobs is not convinced that model is right for the county. Instead, Jacobs said she doesn't think there needs to be a law and has opted for a form which can be filled out by any two people, regardless of relationship status. They said they are fighting for basic rights like being allowed to visit their partners in hospitals and plan funerals and make end-of-life decisions.
Walt Disney World and Orlando are in Orange County. Last last year Orlando added its own domestic partners registry. Disney is located in the company-owned "town" of Lake Buena Vista and has offered domestic partner benefits since 1995.

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