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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HUNGARY: Gay Marriage Ban In Effect

Hungary's new national constitution and its ban on same-sex marriage is now in effect.
The document specifically restricts marriage to straight couples and appears to ban abortion by saying that foetuses will be protected from conception onwards. It does not protect citizens from discrimination on the grounds of age or sexual orientation, and Amnesty International said last year it would not satisfy international human rights laws. Viktor Orban, leader of the ruling Fidesz party, which came to power with two-thirds majority in the parliament last year, has been dubbed “Viktator” for his leadership style by the crowds who are now protesting the constitution in Budapest. Tens of thousands have taken to the streets of the capital to voice their opposition to the new state framework.

Hungary also bans gay couples from adopting, but does allow open service in the military. As noted in the clip below, Sec. Hillary Clinton has written a letter to the Hungarian government objecting to the "anti-democracy" aspects of the new constitution.

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