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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kids Are Better Off With Their Dad In Prison Than Having Two Moms

Rick Santorum wants to be seen as a blue collar, bootstraps, man of the people. But he keeps allowing himself to veer off message into weirdo rants like the one below. This is a good thing.
For the second time in as many days, Rick Santorum waded into the issue of gay marriage, suggesting it was so important for children to have both a father and mother that an imprisoned father was preferable to a same-sex parent. Citing the work of one anti-poverty expert, Santorum said, "He found that even fathers in jail who had abandoned their kids were still better than no father at all to have in their children's lives." Allowing gays to marry and raise children, Santorum said, amounts to "robbing children of something they need, they deserve, they have a right to. You may rationalize that that isn't true, but in your own life and in your own heart, you know it's true."

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