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Monday, January 9, 2012

Mitt Romney: I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage But Do Not Discriminate Against Gays

At this morning's GOP debate, the moderator tried to trip up Mitt Romney by quoting his 1994 pro-gay comment to Boston's Bay Windows, a statement which is still denounced today by the anti-gay industry. Romney opened by restating his opposition to same-sex marriage, then launched into a vow of non-discrimination in other areas.

Think Progress blogger Zack Ford reacted.
RELATED: Immediately following the debate, GOProud rushed out this press release.
We thank Governor Romney for having the political courage to speak up for gay Americans. He made it crystal clear this morning that he will be the type of President that gay people, and those who care about gays and lesbians in this country, can trust and be proud of. On issue after issue – whether it’s the economy, jobs, taxes, energy, healthcare or retirement security – Mitt Romney is offering common-sense conservative plans that will improve the lives of all Americans – gay or straight.
ALSO RELATED: Don't forget that Romney signed NOM's hate pledge in which he vowed to thwart the progress of LGBT civil equality. The pledge also includes a promise to appoint a federal commission to investigate any so-called "repression of religious liberties" by gay rights activists.

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