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Sunday, December 14, 2008

over 3,000 hits and thoughts on December

I can hardly believe since April 19, of last year this blog has had over 3,000 hits its unreal in away. And my freinds this blog has seen its changes from the ins and outs of my daily life, my sppiritual journey, my artwork and collecting Wizard Of Oz and Judy Garland. Somehow all of you have manged to stick right by me through it all, and for that I am very thankful indeed.

I know some of you may have lost interest when in the last few months the focus has been on my collecting Judy and Wizard Of Oz but what many of you may not realize is the sheer joy, happiness and satisfaction I get by collecting, talking about and sharing with all of you my collecting. Judy and Oz in so many ways lives a void in my life, and emptiness if you will. It brings me such peace. I hope it never ends.

Dolls did for a long time almost 16 years of doll collecting and now slowly selling of many of my pieces I feel like dolls have left my life--all except my Oz stuff and what precious little Judy dolls I have. I think alot of it has to do with the running the doll hsopital for almost 7 years--its like I have suffered burn out ina very major way. Ihaven't bought a doll magazine in MONTHS and the only new dolls I have bough within the last year have been Oz related.

The repairs have come to a near stand still and a lot of it in my opinon is the economy and te hard time EVERYONE is having financially. In many ways it makes me thankful because I now have some free time to pursue other art/craft interests.

As many of you know December is a VERY hard month for me--all of those old emotions of losing Ron now 7 years ago on December 21st. Many times the pain is still as deep as it was that day, I know many of you will say my life has moved on and in many ways it has and Jim is a wonderful man but there are many times I wish I could just speak with Ron one more time. There are times I wish he were only a phone call away. What I wonder is do people who have lost someone feel the same way I do seven years later?

I will try better this week about posting here and until then..... I had t post this clip i loved the music and teh words "My dream is to fly Over teh rainbow so high". If partial nudity is offensive to you this video may not be for you but againn a "little eye candy' never hurt anyone---LOL and bseides its about the words (Even I don't totally believe that one --giggle)

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