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Thursday, December 4, 2008

New blog and other stuff

Just a fast note to those interested in seeing my Artist Trading cards and other art work I decided to make another blog for them its called "Fairie Dust Studios" and it is located at so this site now is just personal news and my collecting of Judy/Oz. I came up with the name as it was catchy and kind of reminded me of the one things fairies supposedly make is Fairie Dust and hence that is what this "fairie" makes as well !

So with that in mind I want to share some of my newest pieces the first is an original postcard that shows Judy's home in Bel Air. The card is linen and from the 1940's, the one i have has been used and was sent in 1941 from a family member who moved out to California after living in New York. It gves it a nice history beside the connection to Judy.

The second piece is Dairyland Ice cream Lid from around the time frame "The Harvey Girls was released. On the back side of the top it says Dixie's Dainty Cup packed with Dairyland Ice Cream Manufactured by Nacogdoches Ice Cream Co. Allegedly this piece is hard to find but at under $5.00 it was a buy and something very unique indeed. Thank you E-bay

The last piece for now that I want to share with all of you is another book/magazine. I bought this because of the beautiful artwork on the cover. "A Special Tribute Issue Judy Garland" by Skywald Publishing Corporation. The content is in black and white it has 66 pages and has 125 photographs some of which I have NEVER seen anywhere else!

I want to scan some of the photographs and possibly post them here so all of you can enjoy them as well. I have to take the time and sit and read it as well. But it was such a nice piece.

In the next few days will also be posting pictures of artwork I did of Judy here that hangs in my "shrine". A new friend asked to see photographs of my room and will be sharing those with you here as well. it is going to be a busy Judy month I can tell.

Until then "I will be back when the back when the Elephants roost in the trees"

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