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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Last of the Manga Series

I did a post a few months back about the Antarctic Press and the "Land Of Oz Manga: Return to the Emerald City" well I wanted to show the last three comic books in the series--or what I tend to believe is the last in the series.

The story line of course follows the Oz book and the adventures a boy named Tip has who in reality ends up being Ozma under a witches spell. The books are by David Hutchison. Edited by Doug Dlin and Rod Espinosa. I lucked out getting these as our in town comic book/vintage toy store carries them. Dan and the staff have been really good to me holding each issue till I can get down and buy them.
What I really love is the beautiful covers and the black and white drawings in each issue. It wasn't until I went down to see if they had the new Eric Shanower Oz Comic books that I discovered these. What works even better is the way they are written and what a wonderful way introducing a child to the joys and fun of Oz.You won't have a problem holding their attention with this set of comic books.

The Jack the Pumpkin head cover is number 2 in the series and was released December 2008.

The Jinjur cover is number 3 in the series and was issued January 2009.

While the last one with Tip and the Giffin on the cover is number 4 and presumably the last and was issued February 2009.

If you would like to get these for yourself contact

The Toys Time Forgot
137 East Cherry Street
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614
(330) 854-1700

and ask for Dan Hare--tell them Charlie Dale referred you

The babysitting I have been doing is going rather well, although I think I may have caught one of the boys cold as I have a slight cough and my voice has dropped considerably today. I sound like some John Wayne Cowboy movie reject and kids that isn't fun. Oh well at least for the time being I have a "butch" voice.
Anyway hope you all enjoy my return to blogging and everything Oz, I decided to really try to give it my all and focus in on some of the collectibles I get and have. There is as far as I know only one other blog doing just that and another that covers new items coming out

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