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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Believe everyone deserves a chance to Fly

Well as many of you know that read this blog yesterday was my Cleveland Clinic appointment and even though he was 40 minutes late--which I hate--the appointment could not have gone any better.

Of course all of the typical first visit questions but some things I have neverever been asked about and frankly I thought no one cared what I thought. "What or how do you preceive having AIDS"? "What do you believe AIDS is doing to you"? "How do you feel when you have to take your pills"? "How do you feel having survived this long"? I was just besides myself, and he came across as he was lingering on my every word and was actually very interested in what I said and how it was said.

There was a misprint in his notes saying i had this only 16 years and not the 18 I will have on July 16 but what blew me aware and how the title of this post came to be is what he said next.

If your familiar with "Wicked" you will know there is a song that the Wizard sings called "Sentimental Man" with the line "I believe everyone deserves a chance to fly"..... well my you can fly moment came when this Doctor said my goal today after meeting you, talking with you and reading your file is I am going to give you another 20 years. With the right combination of drugs and if you take care of yourself it is VERY do-able and we will do it.

I was speechless, I felt like I had been handed the ruby slippers lock, stock and barrel and I was standing in them--that their magic was giving me that 20 years. NO one has ever said anything like that to me before, and no ONE has ever given me that kind of sheer HOPE before.

I go in 4 weeks to go over my blood tests he had done and I am sure what program or drugs are we adding, but for the first time I feel well-----ALIVE!

Well unto Judy--over the next few days I am going to be posting my newest additions in my collection. It seems like I hit a big finding streak and this wonderful friend (Lisa in NJ) sent me a whole slew of stuff.

The two I want to talk about today is sheet music, for me its like having the orchestrations Judy sang in my home and it is one of those collectible items that in all reality are very inexpensive. Normally bewteen $2 and 10 for Judy non-Oz stuff. SO the first one is the original sheet music--released around the time of the movie is called "Wait and See" and is from Judy's film "The Harvery Girls" where Judy plays one of the Harvery Restraunt Girls out West. This was part of the stuff I got from my friend in New Jersey--BIG THANKS LISA.

The second piece is from the movie "For Me and My Gal" which I have the DVD and the sheet music is of course the main song from the movie. This particular photogrpah for some reason is one of my favorites of Judy and I found this in an Antique Market while my brother was out last week, which there are things he bought I have to share as well. As always I ask that you keep me in your thoughts as I go back to the Cleveland Clinic to get my results but for the time being.....

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