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Monday, January 9, 2012

Some thoughts for the day

Well, the first day of the Spring 2012 Semester officially started today at KSU and I am so excited and nervous all rolled into one big, hot mess.  Intro to Theatre should be fun, African American Women's Literature should be one of my favorite classes this semester, Screen writing which I am really looking forward to and finally the class I am dreading is Spanish 1 as I have never, ever had a foreign language class--no kids not even in high school--so needless to say this boy is terrified.

This semester also starts the beginning stages of my Honors Thesis that I have to do in order to graduate in Spring of 2013.  The topic is gays in the holocaust and will be this Creative Nonfiction Narrative that I will be writing no less than one-hundred pages.  This semester will be the proposal, abstract/outline and a bibliography that will be due by the end of the semester.  It also means more research time as well, which beleive it or not I am looking forward to.

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