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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more snow in the sky and a Lion Among Men

Well gang it is official Winter is here at least in Ohio! We woke up to snow this morning--nothing on the ground as it was so wet from teh rain a few days ago but snow on the car, on the roof and on trees--- It did look pretty while it lasted but I also know we are in for the long haul. Leats hope I am not sick the entire winter season like last year!

Well I also finished "A Lion Among Men" by Grgory Maguire the third book in the Wicked years and I have to say I LOVED every second of it. If curse words aren't your cup of tea this may not be for you as there were a few. I also recommend you read teh other 2 previous books first as you maybe some lost if you don't. For me though there were some very open questions that needed answered. I'll leave them unmentioned you go out and buy and read the book as well .

I do want to share one of my more favorite passages though...........

"Yeild up your souls
To singe the air.
Yeild up, and mount the heavenly stair.
Yeild up, yeild up,
You're almost there.
You've dropped your bones in the sod.
Yeild up, yeild up, yeild up your souls
To the darksome, nameless dissappearance:
The heart of the Unnamed G-d"

Hopefully Gregory has another "Wicked" book or two in him as I said I still have unanswered questions from all three books. He has written other fairytale stories as well and the ones I have read are very good indeed.

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