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Monday, October 20, 2008

New Art work post for a new friend

Well a new online friend asked me to post some of my newest art work and addiction other than Judy which isn't easy to do .

They are called ATC's or Artist Trading Cards and it started about a year ago when we did a swap in The Everything Oz group. There original cards that you make that measure 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 which is the size of a playing card. You make them generall with a teme, send them to the host and then she/he mixes them up and you get back the same number of cards you make. Most swaps are three cards. These are the two sites I belong too....... and The ideas are coming a little easier now and I am learning some new techniques so I willposting time from time some of the cards I am making. Hopefully you will enjoy them.

This first set was done for "ATC's For All" and the theme was "Vote for a Silly Campaign". So my cards took a feminine twist to them and were more fun than Silly.

I used rubber stamps, markers, newsprint, vellum paper, stickers that I cut out to look "not like stickers" and ink. These were the very first cards I did for ATC"s For All" and I used some new techniques I had not used before I felt they turned out very well.

The next set was "People are People" and was also for "ATC"s For All" and this time around I used antique photographs some of which I trimmed to look like cut outs, rubberstamps, newsprint, ink, cut out stickers, vellum paper, markers and cloth paper. These I though were just stunning. Hopefully all of you who read this will love these cards as much I did making them.

And here is the deal I will make I will make you ATC cards in exchange for either ATC cards you make with a Wizard of Oz theme or a Judy Garland theme--the Judy cards could be her movies, words from her songs or even something you come up with out of the blue. I know I would love getting them and I wil mkae my cards to your requests. Hopefully I will have some takers :)

In the mean time my cold is some better but I still sound horrid and today was spent getting my check up with the dentist, teeth cleaning and I am happy to report I had one very small cavity which he fixed while I was there.

I also moved a small table downstairs to set up a small craft area so I can craft and listen to tv and not have to drag the dogs upstairs as much when I do work on dolls. It looks nice and I did re-arrange some furniture.

Well gang till next time.

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