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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Specialist Check Up and a vert visit

Well gang I had my 3 month check up today with my HIV Specialist and the new medications for the most part seem to be doing some good. My viral load which was 3100 is now 1,100 and the lower it is the better. While my T-cells were 119 and are now 140--the higher they are the better. Now terrific results but not terrible either. He wants me to go mid December for blood tests for results in January and if things are still not so fantastic he is talking of adding another medication or two to the ones I am already on.

As far as my hands go he recommended I try Advil for a few months and if that with the Requip doesn't work he is talking another medication, which quite frankly I am not sure I want to do. He strangly is urging me to cut back considerably--I am going to have to do some serious praying about it.

Toto went to the vet yesterday and OH MY G-d in heaven what a nightmare. First she got her shots, her poor little butt is still sore, but then the vet said she has ear mites as well as an inner ear infection so there is medication for that. Then she has a mouth infection and the tarter on her teeth is HORRID--most may have to be pulled and according to the vet there is NO WAY she is only two years old. There is a medication for the mouth infection.

The jaw that was broke and supposedly healed IS NOT HEALED and is more than likely causig her severe pain and some of the bones are very loose. She also has a small herniated belly button, and a small cataract on her one eye. She goes in Wednesday next week for teeth cleaning and jaw surgery to fix it with wires and screws, which will help her better eat. The last vet bill for everything was $100---the surgery and teeth cleaning as well as the overnight stay will be $300. So in the mean time "daddy Charlie" is doing everything dolly wise to get the work done to pay the vet, that his hands will let him do.
There is no way the previous owner is getting one thin dime out of us after al this and that poor little dog, G-d love her, she is just a huge sweet heart.
It breaks my heart that people do this to animals and small animlas that can do nothing to protect themsleves. Half tempted to call the police on this woman.
Tomorrow I will be posting pictures of last years "winter project" I did which was a hand embroidered Oz quilt. So until then--I hope you Toto in your prayers and G-d bless you as well.

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