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Friday, December 23, 2011

New Poem--- I'm a Girlie Boy

I am a Girlie Boy

Is it a sin to be the:
Sissy, pansy, nelly
Feminine Man like Oscar Wilde
Mademoiselle Wannabe
Can we forgive the behavior of the:
Girlie-boy, Limp-Wristed Queenly Queer
Or is it too much to bear being the:
Fairy, Femme, Feigele, Tapette
A Namby-pamby named Percy
Or the ever effeminate, Lord Alfred Douglas
Do I intrigue you
With My Quentin Crisp attitude and lisp

Does our existence make us the:
Flaming Fruity Friend of Dorothy, Fag Bangle
Do we walk; talk differently,
Waving our hands ask we talk:
Mariposa, Mary, Miss Thing, Poof Pixie
Are we born this way; to be the:
Honeyed Blue bungie boy or the benign
Light-blue boy

Does it matter what language we say it in,
It all means the same
Bapok, kedi, ponen, hadik hadik, mukhannas
Words have power, embrace your
Bàn zhūang húang hòu
Be what you are meant to be
கிட்டி (kidi), நம்பி (thambi)
Yes I am effeminate, but what of it?
Somebody needs to be!

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