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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TN Christian Academy Passes Schoolwide Gay Ban to Punish One Gay Student

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At least one Rossville, TN, parent is questioning school policy after her child’s school sent an updated note defining its position on homosexuality.

“My initial reaction is that it was specifically aimed at one person, and I felt very sad about that,” said the parent, who did not want to be identified

Rossville Christian Academy is a private 4K-12 school with about 300 students.  The parent believes the school’s “ban” on homosexuality is illegally aimed at one gay student.  The new policy reads:
“Homosexuality is forbidden in scripture (Romans 1:27, Leviticus 18:22).  A staff member or student who promotes, engages in, or identifies himself/herself with such activity through any word or action shall be in violation of this policy.  Should the administration determine a violation of this policy, the person involved will be subject to disciplinary action with the possibility of permanent dismissal.  Any applicant who is not in compliance with this policy will not be admitted.”

We contacted several Rossville Christian Academy board members for interviews, but they either did not return our calls or denied our requests.  The parent we spoke with says she will not go as far as to remove her child from the school at this point, but will continue to question policies.
“If you’re going to single out one thing that you say is a sin, then maybe we have to address every single thing,” she said.

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