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Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Poem--- "No More"

No More

Frightened in the dark
Little boy hiding in the corner
Alone and no one can understand him
His clothes all over the hardwood floor
Crying tears of shame and disgust

The man above him whispering outright lies
Darkness engulfing the indigo night sky
“You’re just a little whore”
Scared in the bed of unending shame
Little boy pressed into the mattress
Feeling so numb he can’t feel his own heartbeat

Little boy eyes begin to cry in fear
There’s a part of him wanting to be killed
Instead of living with this immense shame
He knew what was to come of this

The little boy was lost the first time you raped him
It happened all the time
This ultimate violation of this child
His Thoughts raced as he became the victim again
Hopelessness, numbness, grief, fear
The little boy let out a painful sigh

You breaking his spirit long ago
You were finally done
With this little boy

The little boy was done being used
His heart having been tattered into a million pieces
He doubts you will ever remember tearing him apart

Instead of dying….he lives even now
To finally say the vaporous monster
Was… his Dad

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