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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Father Who Campaigned Against Bullying Found Dead

Roger Crouch with son Dominic X390 (FACEBOOK) | ADVOCATE.COM
Roger Crouch and his son Dominic
This I think is a first--- a parent of a gay teen suicide victim of bullies has tekn their own life as well.  This is VERY sad indeed.  What, in my mind this begs of us to ask is...  Doesit get better?  From some I say the answer is yes, for others the answer is clearly no.  It also begs of us to ask what will it take to really make it better for everyone?!

A U.K. man who started a campaign against antigay bullying in honor of his son who committed suicide in 2010 has apparently taken his own life.

Following the death of his 15-year-old son, Dominic, who was teased after purportedly kissing a boy on a dare while playing spin the bottle, Roger Crouch launched a Facebook campaign against homophobic bullying and became a patron for Diversity Role Models. His efforts led him to schools, where he sought to ensure that antibullying policies were put into place and advocated for the teaching of coping strategies for youth. He also visited the House of Commons to urge members of parliament to get involved in the fight against bullying.

Last month the U.K. organization Stonewall named him its “hero of the year,” an honor for which he beat out fellow activists Lady Gaga and Joan Armatrading. At the event, Crouch said, “I see this as an award for Dom. By choosing us for this award you've also chosen to take a stand alongside all the young people whose lives have been ended by bullying.

“We are parents who loved our son. We stood by him in life and we stand by him in death.”

The Guardian reports that on Monday, Crouch himself was found dead at his Gretton, England, home after Gloucestershire police went to the residence citing “concerns” for his welfare.

On Thursday a police spokesperson said the death was not considered suspicious.

Crouch’s wife, Paola, posted a heartbreaking message on their Friends of Dom Crouch against Bullying Facebook group, saying, “The changes you have started for young people everywhere, the work you have done against bullying, will remain as a towering monument to you.”

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