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Friday, December 2, 2011

Miss America Pageant Preliminary Sponsor: Moonlights As Porn Star & Runs Gay Porn Websites

The Miss America pageant stands for the empowerment of women, traditional values and wholesome entertainment, but has exclusively learned that one of the main sponsors for the California preliminaries moonlights as a porn star and runs gay porn websites.

Ric Alonso and his partner of 21 years, Ernie Koneck, are both highly involved in the Southern California Scholarship Association — a nonprofit that produces the Miss Hollywood pageant, which is an official preliminary to Miss California and Miss America

But has discovered that Ric goes by the pseudonym Jake Cruise, a gay porn star and producer that owns three hardcore adult websites.

“My movies are not your typical gay porn. I’m in a lot of the movies,” Ric says on one of his porn sites.
“As you can see I’m your average middle aged gay man who likes to have fun with hot guys of all ages... One thing I strive for is that we all have fun while having sex.”

In 2011 Ric was named as the first of the organization’s major scholarship donors, and his partner Ernie sits on the board and is the Executive Director.

Ric and Ernie also own EKRA Group Inc. and a web design company called Dancing Moose Interactive that is responsible for designing the Miss California website.

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