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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mom sues School for failing to end bullying

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Traci Lanzone is standing up for her son.

The mother of a gay student in Marion Central School District has had it up to HERE with school officials doing nothing to protect her son from relentless bullying within the hallowed halls of his school.

So rather than wait for this tempestuous scenario to result in her son taking his own life, like we’ve seen over and over and over again over the past two years, Traci Lanzone is going on the offensive, and has filed a lawsuit against the adults who are doing nothing to help keep her son alive.

Traci Lanzone filed the lawsuit in federal court last week. She claims her son, who is not identified in court papers, has been relentlessly bullied over the last two school years. The harassment ramped up when he told classmates he is gay.

“Everything from being pushed, kicked, having food thrown at him, his clothes being hidden…it was just relentless,” Lanzone said.

The boy remains a student in the high school.

“No child should ever have to go through that. You shouldn’t have to go to school and worry about what the day is going to bring,” Lanzone said.

A representative for the school district released the following statement: “The Marion Central School District takes bullying very seriously. The district has strict policies against bullying and established procedures for handling reported incidents. Student safety is a primary concern for the school district.”

Except they don’t, and it’s not. Lanzone filed over 30 specific complaints with the school district over the past two year. Thirty instances of bullying that went unanswered and allowed to continue! Strict policies, indeed.

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