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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another "New" Record

Well again this record was found at the Hartville Flea Market and again the price was perfect $3.00, as far as E-bay I have yet to see this record on E-bay in the almost 2 years of searching for Oz/Judy items.

"Judy Garland At Home At The Palace: Opening Night" was a Sid Luft Presents Group V LTD. Production, executed by ABC Records with Bob Thiele as Producer, cover photograph by Ross & Weiss, Cover Design by William Duevell and Henry Epstein, Engineer Reice Hamel, Re-rocrding Engineer Johnny Cue Liner Photogrpahs Charles Stewart and Liner Design by Joe Lebow. Accompanied by Bobby Cole's orchestra nd assisted by Lorna and Joe Luft. The album was recorded at the Palace Theatre, New York City in 1967.

Songs include:

I Feel A Song Coming On
Almost Like Being in Love
You Made Me Love You
For Me and My Gal
The Trolley Song
What Now My Love
Bob White
Jamboree jones
Together Wherever We go
Over the Rainbow
Ol' Man River
Thats's Entertainment
I Loved Him, But He Didn't Love Me
Rock-A_Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody

It is my hope with tis blog to make you aware of what is out there, some of it very affordable while some of it you really have to search for. I also hope that along the way I can share my love of everything Judy and Wizard of Oz.

I want to take the time and try to explain better my decision a few months back about stopping medications which put me in the situation I am in now. It really boils down to stupid fear about what the Rheumotoid Doctor said and not thinking things through. It is also about somewhere along the way believeing I only had so long to live through this andit is also about losing hope, focus and purpose. Hopefully some of you out there understand those emotions and hopefully many of you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for being so stupid.

Fear can do many things and believe me friends this is never happening again.


kylieluvsrt said...

hey there my friend hope that you are feeling better. and just popping in to say hello hope you DIY efforts have paid off. hugs

Charlie Dale said...

Am finally feeling better, thanks to some medications and rest but do appreciate teh note. So far teh DIY have not kille us LOL