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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Paper: "The End of a Legend"

This morning I want to talk a little bit about the very end of Judy's life. The end of a legend, and the silencing of the greatest entertainer of all time. Many know by now Judy died from an accidental drug overdose in London on June 22, 1969 now almost 40 years ago. That year I was 20 months old (and not quite 2 years old) and there are many, many times I wish I was older to have been able to remember that painful time of her death and of course the Stonewall Riots shortly after that.

I think personally that for at least those of who were gay then it was a VERY different time and place and I am sure many of us felt like we had lost the one soul who understood us and loved us unconditionally. Many say the Stonewall were in part because of Judy dying.

I want to mention I have had dreams of walking into Campbell's with the young Joe Luft's hand in mine and him saying "I want you to see Momma". I woke up shaking crying and in a cold sweat that night. It may sound morose but in all reality if I can get back into New York City I would love to see if Campbell's Funeral Home would at the very least let me walk into the room Judy was laid in just to try to be that close to her in those final moments.

The other thing I would love to do is to go upper Manhattan I believe and visit Ferncliff Cemetery and visit where Judy is buried, leave Yellow Roses--her favorites, or so I have read-- and let her know how much she is still loved and missed. Well gang until tomorrow...

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