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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lobby Card

Every now and then you run across something you never thought you would. Then you hope the price is right and when it turns out to be a steal you smile, pay the nice sales clerk and run like hell. This is the case with this Original Lobby Card, I found this at the Riverfront Antique Mall a little over a month ago now and when the clerk said it was $9.00 I bought and ran like hell.

It is my first "english" Original Lobby card I have others but they are in Spanish/Mexican so this was and is a rare find in my collection. Of course the photograph contains our beloved Judy as Betsy Booth--the biggest reason I bought it actually and Lewis Stone as Judge Hardy.

Musical Program
Judy recorded four songs for the film, none of which were used in the final print. The only remaining song is one verse of Happy Birthday to You, which Judy sings a cappella. The songs were apparently cut just prior to release, since some of the early ad copy still contains the line "Mickey woos! Judy sings!". The songs which were deleted are America (My Country 'Tis of Thee) (which was to open the movie), Easy to Love (sung to Andy to the accompaniment of his car radio as they approach New York), Abide with Me and The Rosary (during the funeral service for Jimmy Frobisher). This photograph of this poster is not in my collection but was found on the internet, hopefully i can find it even if it is a reprint

This was the only episode of the Andy Hardy Series in which a guest star (Judy) was billed above some of the regular cast members.
There is a sharp contrast between the Betsy Booth of Life Begins and the Betsy Booth of the previous Andy Hardy installments. Judy had clearly outgrown the role, and Betsy (whether it was the director's intention or not) is considerably more sophisticated and worldly in this episode.
This was Judy's third and final appearance as Betsy Booth in the Andy Hardy series.

She appeared previously in Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938) and Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940). Though MGM resisted Judy's growing up, she insisted on playing adult roles. She was concerned that continuing on with the role of Betsy would hold back her career. Her feelings in the matter were probably expressed in this poem she wrote:
I sing to Mr. Gable,But he's never really there.I'm longing to enchant himwith sophisticated flair.But ev'ry time I turn around,Andy Hardy's in my hair! (This photgrpah of the VHS cover is also not in my collection but I am now on the Hunt for it)

The film was rated "unobjectionable for adults" by the National Legion of Decency, implying that it was not suitable for children. The discussion Judge Hardy has with Andy concerning fidelity, and the interrupted "love" scene in Jennitt Hicks' apartment were probably the objectionable scenes.

The prerecordings of Judy's four songs which were cut from the film are included in the audio program on the laserdisk set: Judy Garland/The Golden Years at M-G-M (MGM/UA ML104869).

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