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Monday, May 18, 2009

A new doll and another fall

Sometimes, every now and then you run into a nice surprise, and for me it was seeing this doll the second time (first was in Chesterton at the Oz Festival) and having a little brother who spoils me from time to time.

He, Jim and I spotted this doll in an Antique Mall in Berlin, Ohio a few weeks back and next thing I knew my brother had it at the cash register--you got to love him.

Believe it or not dear reader, I don't have a lot of Dorothy dolls--as of yet-- and this one did catch my eye. My brother never did say what he paid but E-bay has it in the $60 range.

The Judy Garland Doll--was made by Vintage World Doll, Model #71810 and 17, 500 dolls made. It is the third doll in "Movie Greats"
and allegedly is Extremely Rare/Hard to find.

This is the 1985 limited edition Easter Parade doll by World Doll. Her tag reads "Judy Garland as Hannah Brown in Easter Parade". She wears a costume patterned after the white gown that Judy wears
in the finale when she sings the title song, though the designer took some liberties with the pattern, as is generally the case with dolls. But, it's a lovely dress.

She also wears a big, beautiful bonnet, similar to the movie version, with flowers on top and pink ribbons hanging from the back, again with liberties taken by the toy maufacturer. She has a purple-colored brooch, a pearl necklace, and a hang-tag which is a miniature reproduction of the original movie poster.

Her hair is very nicely styled. She is made entirely of vinyl, and stands 18" tall. She has a white nylon slip under the gown. The gown is full-length, hiding even her shoes. Approximately 18 inches tall, Fully jointed and made of Vinyl.

Well those of you who read this blog know from time to time I have been known to fall. The doctor's really have not figured out yet what exactly is causing it but Jim wants me mentioning it with this other Doctor at Cleveland Clinic.

This time I was outside walked the about 6 blocks from my house to the post office and right before I got there--with nothing to trip, fall over, stumble over or anything to cause a fall---DOWN I went on my one knee, right hand and on my back. My right hand receiving most of the force of my fall. Nothing seriously hurt but now on Monday morning I am still very sore. I ask you to keep me in your thoughts and maybe in a few weeks time this new doctor can figure out what the heck is going on.

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