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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Concert Program and other stuff

Well today I want to take the time and talk about a Judy Garland Souvenir programs that one could have bought when attending her concerts. One of the big differences in the programs in all reality is just simply the covers--some of which are very beautiful. As far as the insides go the majority of them are the same and continue movie still shots, other concert photos and if I remember right some of Judy's own private photographs.

These programs for the most part can be found on E-bay rather easily while others like this one only show up time to time. Prices vary but i feel they are an afforable addition to any collection of Garlandia.
As far as my collection of concert souvenir programs go I think I have only one different cover to get and I am done. If I am wrong and one of my readers know that, please take the time to point it out. There are movie premiere programs as well which I have a few Garland/The Wiz programs and then there are the concert event programs as well which I have a few. If you run across one, think of me, send it my way and I would be happy to re-imburse you for it.

Well the day before yesterday we got rambunctious here and decided to rip up the old carpeting that was in the kitchen as it was just filthy and in the next day or so we are ripping up this g-d awful linoleum flooring next, that you will see in pictures posted ONLY HERE. My brother is coming out today to help us get started on that project nest.
The plan is to install one of those snap and lock floating floors, that look like real wood and to some degree are. we have been talking about it for along time now and with some serious doll work done on my part we are finally enough ahead to do it. We went and priced it with the help of a Home Depot employee and it wasn't as bad as I thought. We spoke to a contractor last year and I nearly fainted dead away. Do it yourselfers unite!
Speaking of projects we decided yesterday since we have this g-d awful flooring down we are also going to re-paint the walls in the kitch and as you can see in reality we have like 3 walls to paint. Cabinets will be next in the very near future. Pictures will be posted here and painting begins to day.

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