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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finished for now

Well as you can see gang by the photographs the walls are painted and the floor stripped. The next step is to lay the new "floating click and lock floor" should be hopefully nest weekend if my lady picks up her repair I did, which pays for my floor.

The flooring we have picked out is this beautiful light Oak color which will off set the new Green Walls thanks to Ralph Lauren paint color and Behr Paint, and as you can see I have some area rugs down for the time being to cover some of the glue residue we could not get up. But as you can see in photograph #2--even my little Miss Toto--who is a camera loving canine--loves the new floor--isn't she to cute.

As you can I have a new Wicked Witch Clock as well thanks to Hartville Flea Market and this really nice guy, who I met over a year ago at Chesterton and is selling at the Market on Saturday's now till October. He also runs a website and just is one of the nicest guys around and has some really cool Oz things.

I did want to talk about another one of the books my friend Lisa found for me in New Jersey it is called "Judy Garland: Worlds Greatest Entertainer" by John Fricke. Now while I have the book already I decided to keep anyway as the paper covering to the Hard back book was different than the one I already had. If you do not own this book or have read this book I HIGHLY recommend it, John does a beautiful job talking, teaching and educating about Judy and the photograph's and information is some if not the VERY best there is around.

I maybe partial to John's books as he is one of my dearest friends and my biggest emotional supporter I have outside of course to Jim. But I will say this there is no one who knows more about Judy than John and there maybe no one who will. While we were in Cadiz, I had John autograph this book as well as all the others I have of his are. Rumor has it from John by the way there is a new book out hopefully in the end of September. I have to find out he name of it so I can share it here, but I already know I have to have it!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers Tuesday morning as I go back to Cleveland Clinic for my follow up visit to go over tests results and I feel new mediation's or additional medications. I am hoping for a good visit and one with just as much hope as before--something still new to me but something I find very refreshing.


The faith that your foot will hit the floor when you lift it off

The belief that anything good can happen if you just try

That people are as close to you as you let them be--

put your best self out there, you lose nothing and gain everything

That the universe supports, loves and encourages you

wants you to succeed and so does everyone else.

Hope is knowing that not only is tomorrow is there but so is the future.

The Judy Garland Show (Episode 13--1963) features Judy Garland performing with fellow legendary singer Peggy Lee, for their only joint TV appearance. The stars share a medley of "Men" songs, and also duet on Lee's own hit "I Love Being Here With You."

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