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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Book

Well gang I want to mention a new book I got from a good freind of mine Lisa in New Jersey (girl you know I love you). I have almost finished reading it and so I wanted to take the time to put in my critique.....

The book is "Young Judy" by David Dahl and Barry Kehoe printed in 1975 by Mason and Charter. This book unlike others focuses only on the early Judy/Frances with some interjections of her later life but not many and while the later life is mentioned it is to focus on the problems that were created early in Judy's life.

This book unlike others does not blame Judy's mother for Judy's problems like so many other books out on the market. This one for the most part lays the majority of Judy's problems on Judy's father Frank. Judy her entire life had NOTHING negative to say about her father and this book makes up for it big time.

The mojority of Judy's problems according to this book were because of the fact that Frank was GAY or at the very least BISEXUAL and everyone around Judy lied about the fact. While many of the other books mention Frank being gay this book is a hard sell because they feel that everything wrong was Frank's fault because of his sexuality and his not standing up to his wife Ethel. With a huge part of Judy's fan base being gay this book was hard to swallow and the book even goes on to saying she hung with the gay crowd to extremes in the end of her life. Oh well, guess this is their opinion and it is a shame.

Ethel is partially to be blamed as well in the book but not made into the monster so many other books state she is based on Judy's statements about her mother later in life.

There are some great photographs in this book many of whichI have never seen before. I would (believe it it or not) Recommend this book for your collection if you can get it for a buy, maybe other than that for some this book may not be the best but for me it certainly wasn't the worst I have read on Judy.


Scott Brogan said...

"Young Judy" is a wonderful book. Full of lots of great information all about Judy's years before signing with MGM (and a tad after for good measure).

It's overlooked in critical reviews of Garland biographies, but it's one of the best. :)

Charlie Dale said...

The information about Judy's years before MGM was wonderful, such insight and in many regards such incredible warmth shown to Judy. You could tell they are fans of hers. Thanks for the comment Scott